Several muggers use Pokémon GO as bait to lure victims

Authorities recommend caution.

Pokémon GO is part of the game now, becoming a social and cultural phenomenon that is breaking records with its proposed augmented reality -for we have even developed an extensive guide. While a few days ago we mentioned the police concerns about the dangers of going out there hunting Pokémon heedless of the environment, now the worst fears are confirmed.

A lure used by thieves and criminals for robbery

Polygon reports, up to nine players Pokémon GO have been assaulted by three criminals armed robberies in recent days in the metropolitan area of St. Louis, Missouri (United States). Apparently, the thieves would use the Pokémon PokéParadas GO and decoys to lure their victims, who would end without Pokémon, rewards without moving.

Police recommend caution with the location of this kind of video games

These robbers, aged between 16 and 18 years have accumulated several personal items in his repeated robberies at gunpoint, but were arrested quickly after the investigation conducted by the police department O’Fallon. As reported by the very forces of the law, charges have not yet been formalized, but advise players to be very careful in their virtual adventures with Pokémon GO.

A phenomenon of augmented reality

Pokémon GO is an RPG and augmented reality developed by Niantic Labs, the creators of Ingress, and he’ll have to capture and train creatures finding them famous series in various locations in the real world.

Pokémon GO in just a few days, it has become a social phenomenon, wowing its users as well as messaging applications. This avalanche of downloads and players have helped Nintendo shares skyrocketed but by clouds

Its success is being such that it has already begun to give some headaches to the authorities, who have advised caution when playing. Of course, despite its users they recognize that it is very addictive, have reported several problems with performance and battery drain. In this area, the head of Niantic, John Hanke, told Bussines Insider have commented feel comfortable with the technical aspect of the game, while warning of the dangers of using versions APK iOS and Android before the official launch due to high piracy rate and malware of some versions and existing reservoirs on the Internet.