Pokemon GO receives its first major update

Among other improvements, they have been removed traces of proximity and balanced fighting.

Pokemon Go has received its first major update. This is the patch 0.31.0 for Android and iOS 1.1.0. As a result, the application provides a faster and more stable service, so the pokémon trainers should no longer experiencing too many errors in their execution.

For starters, they have been removed traces indicating the proximity of a Pokémon. Niantic Labs has noted that this feature was not working as it was due, so they have decided to do without it. Pokémon marked out with one, two or three tracks depending on their proximity, but this did not work too well, so now does not leave any indication.

Players will also receive security advisories once they begin Pokémon GO. Some messages, we can emphasize that warns not to play with the application while driving, as this has caused accidents. In addition, also they warn players to avoid entering dangerous areas and advise playing in familiar places.

On the other hand, as to the PokéParadas, there are some that have been eliminated, such as the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. In this sense, the display of the streets has also been updated thanks to a series of improvements to Google Maps. This will help solve the problems of location of certain creatures.

More balance in the fighting and customizing avatar

Also animations have changed gyms and fighting, which has improved the performance of the application. In this connection, it has also been balanced force different fighting. As for the transfer of Pokémon with the teacher, the bookmarked can not be transferred, avoiding occasional disgust.

As regards the design, now players can customize their avatar and make the changes they want once the game started. In addition, gyms medals now show a better picture.

These were the changes that will try to get a better fluency GO Pokémon experience.

This update also left useless geolocation services as Pokevision Pokémon, which facilitated tracking creatures from the Internet. It is unknown whether may return in the future.