Meet the initial and legendary pokemon of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

Boxarts official Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

A few weeks ago, Junichi Masuda and other members responsible for the design of Pokémon Version Sun & Pokémon Version Moon only revealed as a “joke” that would be more than 10 new Pokémon and a few days ago, the same Masuda asked all fans to be vigilant 10th May.

Today, we finally have more information about Pokémon Pokémon Sun & Moon where we are introduced to the 3 new initial legendary pokémon with each version as well as a glimpse of the new region called Alola.

Get the details and look at the trailer below.

New region lurking!
Welcome to a new adventure, a tropical paradise called Alola region. Kukui receive us and guide you through the region.

In this hot paradise, great adventures and New Pokémon! They are waiting for us.

The person who will give us our first pokémon is called ‘Professor Hala’ and the commercial reveals that the character customization will return as it was in Pokémon X and Pokémon Although not confirmed at all.

The region seems to have been inspired by Hawaii.

Meet Rowlet!
This small and cuddly little friend owl will be one of your new options to choose it through new adventures in the new region. Rowlet is the initial first Plant / Flying type.

Rowlet is known as the pokémon Feather Leaf, its height is 0.3 meters and weighing 1.5 kg. You can fly in the sky silently and sneak his opponent without being detected, their attacks are unexpected and noiselessly. Usually kick or throw sharp blades of their feathers. You can see no problem in the dark and his head is able to rotate 180 ° to see his coach and opponent.
Rowlet know a new movement called “Leafage” where he attacks his opponent with powerful leaves from his body and his skill is “Thicket”.

If your initial is through the Alola region, you have an excellent caregiver from the heights and an excellent hunter.

Ladies and gentlemen Popplio with you!
This sympathetic and tender sea pokémon will be another election to escort you through the tropical paradise, not forgetting that is Type Water.

Popplio is the Pokémon Sealion, its height is 0.4 meters and its weight is 7.5 kg. This pokémon has a frivolous and working attitude. It can be both in water and on land, where you can do stunts and jumps with water balloons that he himself created. He loves to perform a show in every battle and likes to play with his ball of water.

This allows small to be your partner and you could have hours of fun and entertainment.

Popplio knows the “Water Gun” movement and its ability is “Torrente”.

Last but not least Litten!

This small, friendly cat, is the third option to accompany you throughout your adventure to discover new species of Pokémon. Litten’s Fire-type.

Litten is the Cat Pokémon Fire, its height is 0.4 meters and its weight is 4.3 kg. A logical pokémon and cold emotions. Its coat is flammable oils that act as fuel to launch fire hairballs. To move your old coat, all of it is burned in a glorious fire.

But do not let her innocent face captivates you, because if your enemy better watch their backs!

Litten knows the “Embers” movement and ability is “Sea flames.”



Meet the legendary Pokémon Sun and Moon!
There are still things to be discovered, but we can see that this lion-like pokémon has a intimidating attitude, if I were in front of him I would not want to face! The legendary Moon Versioned is also someone who does not want to see and less at night.

The names have not been officially revealed but we know that the Japanese names registered GameFreak ‘Solgaleo’ and ‘Lunaala’ last month with ‘Gigareki’ which could be a third legendary Alola region.









The release date of the game to America, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan is the November 18, 2016 while Europe will be on November 23, 2016.