Nintendo could have invested 527 million dollars in research last year

According to forecasts of market analysis company.

Nintendo could have entered more than 5,000 million dollars and invested up to 527 million dollars this last fiscal year on research and development according to a report by market analysis company Technavio. The figure dropped by this report is less than pointing Nintendo forecasts in its latest, for the third quarter of fiscal year financial report.

In its financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year Nintendo said the total cost in research and development planned was 65,000 million yen, about $ 582 million. The total figure will not be known until Nintendo officially announces its financial reports for the entire fiscal year that ended last March 31.

With the release of NX, the next company system, scheduled surely for this fiscal year (the speculation point to the Christmas season of 2016 or early 2017), it is expected that investment in research and development of the company has grown and is still going strong in the coming months.

In the case of Nintendo, accrued expenses until the third quarter of the previous fiscal year were only slightly higher than the previous year. In fact, Nintendo expenses in this regard are stable with small interannual variations rather than opting to concentrate large expenditures on R & D in specific periods.

It is expected that the annual financial report Nintendo goes public later this April.