NX Nintendo could be two systems: a portable console and other domestic

The portable will come in November 2016 and domestic in 2017.

The latest rumors about X, the next Nintendo system, suggest that in fact would be two different consoles -a portable and a Domestic, they would be unified in terms of services and development environment.

Macquarie Capital Securities, company financial investment and market analysis in Japan, has submitted a report to its clients that there is speculation that NX was launched in November 2016 as a handheld and later in 2017 , a “domestic partner” will be launched.

The aim would be, according to this report, put this year in stores a successor of Nintendo 3DS (launched in 2011) with a competitive price to be around $ 200. The home console would not arrive until 2017 and in the same report speculates with elements of augmented reality.

This report seems to be one of the reasons that motivated the positive reaction of the Japanese stock market to Nintendo shares, which carry several days upward, coinciding with the date on which it is estimated that this document could be sent to customers and partners of the company.