Announced new novels of the universe Mass Effect

They join the original trilogy with the game Mass Effect Andromeda.

The events between the end of the trilogy of video games Mass Effect and Mass Effect Andromeda future will be covered by a series of books edited in English Titan Books.

“The books will be the same sequel and prequel to the events of the games time and be part of the history of the Mass Effect saga” they have indicated from the publisher. These books “will focus on important people and answer questions that have become fans.”

In total, there will be a collection of four novels. The first one, Mass Effect Andromeda: Initation is signed by N. K. Jemisin and published in English in August. In March 2017 the second novel will be published in September 2017 and the third, although not indicated who the sign. The latest coming in March 2018 with the signing of Mac Walters, screenwriter of the game.

For now it has not announced any plans to translate these stories into other languages.