DayZ shows your next graphical improvements

Thanks to the implementation of DirectX 11.

Bohemia Interactive has distributed a new video of DayZ, the zombie survival game began as a mod for ArmA 2.

This time the company is focused on the game show how it will look when the update of DirectX 11. In fact launches, in the video we teach both the current and new versions so we can better appreciate the improvements while Brian Hicks, its designer , explains the changes.

DayZ is a game of survival among zombies in its original version advantage ArmA II technology to place in a vast world where surviving the undead.

Its success has been so great that it has finally managed to become an independent game that is now available in the Early Access program Steam, but the final version will not be ready this year. So far, there have been no specific or on the arrival of the update or upon its release as a complete set dates.