DiRT Rally will search for 60 frames per second in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

This was confirmed by Darren Hayward, developer of the game.


Codemasters announced last week the console versions of DiRT Rally as well as the release of its final version for PC through Steam. Today, following a comment on Twitter to one of the developers of the game, know where technically will point in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Darren Hayward, game designer and developer of DiRT Rally, has been asked by many fans and users on the rate of frames per second that use the version of PlayStation 4. In his reply has confirmed that it will be 60fps in the console of Sony, something that has also subsequently confirmed to be so in the Microsoft machine.

But interestingly, when questioned by the final resolution, Howard responses have not been so clear. Apparently, from Codemasters they prefer reaching as high in terms of definition as possible without sacrificing frame rate.

DiRT Rally offers a multitude of weather conditions and the vehicle sustains damage both external and mechanical that we try to repair within the time that we give between stage and stage. As for the available modes, we have at our disposal rally championships, asynchronous and testing custom rally rally. It includes more than 30 vehicles, driving a new model, events, team management and more. The title will arrive next day April 5, 2016 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.