Discover many similarities between maps of Far Cry Primal and Far Cry 4

Comparing both.

The average Gamepressure discovered after making a comparison that the map of Far Cry Primal was created on the basis of Far Cry 4.

That site has published a picture of both maps and in it you can see many similarities between the two, such as placing rivers and lakes or mountains. Anyway, it is noteworthy that the mappings may look very different walk that seen in this way.

Ubisoft already used this “trick” Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, although that was an independent expansion and a much shorter and cheaper title.

Far Cry Primal 10,000 years A.C. settles down in a convulsive period after the last great ice age, where human tribes were nomadic until then, went to settle and establish their first settlements. This was the origin of wars and conflicts, something we’ll see in the game.

In it embody a Takkar, who will lead his tribe to prevent rival clans put an end to it.

Far Cry Primal map

Far Cry 4 map