Elite Dangerous: Horizons will reach the PC next December 15

Frontier has announced the sale of Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the new season of expansions for the massively multiplayer space simulator Elite: Dangerous. Horizons will arrive on December 15 to the PC.

The first of these is called Planetary Landings content, and allow us to land first on the surface of planets. Thanks to technology Stellar Forge, players have a Milky Way recreated 1: 1 scale, offering billions of stars to explore.

With the arrival of the planetoids and landings to different satellites, new vehicles like the Scarab SRV, new types of missions resource extraction, and new ways to cooperate with other players, or competir- on the surfaces of these celestial bodies are introduced. The update introduces a new way to play Elite: Dangerous and will be the first of this season Horizons expansions, which will cost 49 €.

You can learn more about it on his official website, in which if you buy the game, we will be given facilities to link post our Steam account.

Futures content for 2016

The game will continue to add more expansions during 2016 with more missions, new ships, arenas for Close Quarter Combat (CQC) mode and novel features dedicated to improving the gameplay, community and narrative, as the possibility of creating commanders and active collaboration between the crew or new ships and missions.