First images and details of Final Fantasy IX on PC


More information about the ninth chapter of the saga from Square Enix.

Through their official website on Steam, the expected conversion of Final Fantasy IX to PC confirmed several of its new and improved and distributed its first images.

Thanks to the page of the Steam digital version, we know that Final Fantasy IX will include support for achievements and new game options in the form of ultrafast mode and no random battles, among other features.

Square Enix has also included an auto saved, and as we could already see his trailer for presentation, Final Fantasy IX for PC will feature a graphic design updated for characters and scenes, which now enjoy a consistent look to HD.

Final Fantasy IX narrate the terror of the Queen of Alexandria in neighboring countries with the most magical weapons developed. Only skilled thief Zidane and his group of bandits, wizards and warriors may try to stop it. From here, the player will discover a deeper and momentous story to the game world. Final Fantasy IX was originally released in 2000 for the first PlayStation console. The new version, which also landed on iOS and Android-will arrive early this year.

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