New price decreases and weekly news on GAME

Guitar Hero Live, Until Dawn and Starcraft II saga, bid.

As every week, GAME has announced a series of new games, packs and peripherals price drop this week and the next or while supplies last.

This time, we found the pack of Guitar Hero Guitar Live more € 69.99, interactive horror title for PlayStation 4 Until Dawn by € 29.95, as well as a reduction in the release of Diablo III: Ultimate Edition for Evil Xbox One and PS4, which happens to cost € 29.95. The titles of the compendium of Starcraft II also receive several price decreases.

Among the new features highlight the arrival of World of Warcraft: Advance Purchase Legion Edition, which includes in its box a code to start playing from the servers open on the day of launch. It also provides an immediate rise in character level 100 and advance to the Demon Hunter class access.

Then we leave you with the full list for what you may see for yourselves.

Price drops

PC Starcraft II € 14.95
PC Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm € 14.95
Starcraft II PC Battlechest € 29.95

PS3 Guitar Hero Live € 69.95

PlayStation 4 PS4 1TB + + Star Wars Battlefront Syndicate Assassin’s Creed € 429.95
PlayStation 4 PS4 1TB + Call of Duty: Black Ops Assassin’s Creed III + € 429.95 Syndicate
PlayStation 4 PS4 1TB + Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection + The Last Of Us Remastered + HD God of War III (GAME Exclusive Pack) € 399.95
PS4 Until Dawn € 29.95
PS4 Guitar Hero Live € 69.95
PS4 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition € 29.95

Guitar Hero Live TBLT € 69.95

Wii U Guitar Hero Live € 69.95

X360 Guitar Hero Live € 69.95

Xone Live Guitar Hero € 69.95
Diablo III Xone: Ultimate Evil Edition € 29.95

News of the week

PC World of Warcraft: Advance purchase € 44.95 Legion