Rockstar presents the new adversarial modes for GTA Online ‘Every Bullet Count’

Rockstar has announced the arrival of a new addition to the adversary GTA Online mode, which is included in Grand Theft Auto V called Every bullet has a variant known Last Man Standing, where players must remain constant alertness. How reach PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the new game mode, four players go against each other in a small space and with a very limited arsenal, having only two bullets to kill three opponents. Rockstar defines it as a tactical variant, because once we run out of ammunition have to resort to shock and melee attacks. To promote the feeling of nervousness and constant pressure, if we stand still we will appear on the map, forcing us to move from cover to cover without stopping.

This game mode also includes a few new locations in GTA Online, including the mansion of Santa family in Rockford Hills and nightclub Tequi-la-la. To facilitate the introduction to the players in this new way, Rockstar has prepared a list of game that will allow players to participate in all new maps, one after another, with the click of a button during loading screens of Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar has called us to his official channel for a retransmission on Friday in this way and others of their online game with special guests.