The 3DM group did not hack more games for a player this year

They want to see the impact on PC sales.

The 3DM pirate group has announced it has no intention of pirating more games for a player and thus assess the impact (piracy) on the PC market.

“We had an internal meeting. Beginning with the Chinese New Year, 3DM not break the protection of any game for a player,” said the leader of the group Sister Bird. “We will see the situation in a year and if sales have grown from truth.”

The impact of this news remains to be seen, since there are other groups of pirates who will not cease their activities. Yes, it seems that cracks down on other groups that are posted on their forums, a significant change from the current policy will be taken.

3DM recently made headlines for his statements about anti-piracy systems, such Denuvo that could eliminate piracy. Currently they do not, but the delay for months in the case of Just Cause 3, has not yet been won.

“I still believe that this game can be hacked, but the trend currently in the development of encryption technology, in two years I fear that there will be free to play games in the world,” said Sister Bird.