The map of The Division will not include the Brooklyn district at launch


It was the scene of the first game show.

Tom Clancy’s The Division, which will offer a recent impressions, not include the borough of Brooklyn for launch, according to Magnus Jansen confirms in an interview with The Examiner.

Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs that make up New York City, will be left out of the final game, but its leaders confirmed to appear in a future scenario or as downloadable content. The reason for the postponement is given by the complexity of recreation 1: 1 they are doing in Manhattan, which ensures Jansen own “will be more than enough for an open world game.”

Also, the creative director of The Division says there is a narrative reason, especially since there is an epidemic in the game world, which has restricted and closed access to different parts of the city to prevent its spread. Interestingly, the first urban setting that was in Tom Clancy’s The Division was set in the borough of Brooklyn, as we saw in his debut game trailer at E3 2013.

Video impressions and commented

To complete the impressions, we also offer a video commented over 30 minutes, in which we show and explain you all the keys of this ambitious game. The images belong to the Xbox One.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will launch on March 8 in PS4, Xbox One and PC, and on 28th January in Xbox One and 29 January in PlayStation 4 and PC a closed beta, which can access be held who have reserved the game or to register on the official website.