The money of Kickstarter for Ant Simulator was spent on alcohol and strippers

Their leaders have canceled.

Ant Simulator, a game of simulation which sought to make us feel and live the daily life of an ant on PC, has been forced to cancel its development after several of its leaders invest the money collected on its website Kickstarter in alcohol, parties and strippers.

Eric Tereshinski, head of development, Study and author of the idea, whose recent images have here, have seen several of his advisers and friends have squandered $ 4,000 received by the patrons of the game in non-production activities programming title.

Tereshinski would have been forced to cancel the game, abandoning his project and apologizing through a video on Youtube, which describes the behavior of Devon and Tyler Monce Staley, CFOs and operations in addition to close friends of Eric .

Eric himself has proposed Tereshinski contact with those affected and patrons who put their money in the development of Ant Simulator, to fix the refund and apologize for what happened.