The virtual reality goggles Oculus Rift will be priced at 699 euros


The estimated date of release covers the months of March and April.

Campaign reserves glasses Oculus Rift virtual reality have begun just today, January 6. With the start of the first orders, Oculus has revealed the price of the commercial version of its 699 € -741 € with shipping.

Oculus has been limited to one device per person, and provided additional information in the form of minimum requirements for PC or recommendations to the first consumers who are:

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 / R9 290 AMD equivalent or higher
Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or higher
Memory: 8GB + RAM
Outputs: HDMI 1.3 compatible video output
Tickets: 3 USB 3.0 ports and at least one more USB 2.0
Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or higher

The fastest in its reserves, users begin receiving their Oculus Rift for March 28, with the estimated right now to the April date. Oculus Rift The pack includes an Xbox One controller, a remote control, cables and a motion sensor plus games and EVE Lucky’s Tale: Valkyrie.