Transistor over one million copies sold


Supergiant Games announced it officially.

From Supergiant Games they have announced that Transistor, has reached a new milestone, with more than one million units sold. The title, released in 2014 for PC and PlayStation 4, have gotten far exceed its previous record announced last January, he talked about figures close to 600,000 units.

“We are incredibly lucky to stay together as a team, and with a little luck, hope to maintain that kind of games that resonate with you for as long as we can” have stated from the study.

Supergiant Games in a post through its official blog, said the success factor Transistor game, which the developer, Bastion is comparable to that sold over three million copies.

“Word of mouth is what led to Bastion far beyond what we imagined, and it is what keeps too strong Transistor” said creative director Greg Kasavin.

Transistor is a role playing game set in a science fiction environment that allows players to get different weapons, fighting in a futuristic city. The title mixture of action gameplay with decision making, discovering mysteries in the town.