Trials Fusion allow players to share their creations via Xbox, PlayStation and PC

RedLynx announced the feature.

RedLynx, Trials responsible for Fusion, announced that players will now have the chance to share their tracks and creations through platforms such as PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It is the first time something like this is allowed from Rockstar announced the possibility of transferring consignments through several systems in Grand Theft Auto V.

“We want to get into the multiplatform Track Central, immediately with all new tracks and retroactively to any circuit created by users since the launch” have declared from RedLynx in their official forums, but has also specified to move the oldest tracks all platforms will take some time.

According to the developers, the tracks uploaded by users can now automatically shared across all systems in which Trials Fusion has been released. RedLynx has also pointed out: “The performance of some tracks may not be indicated on all platforms” in a clear reference to the differences that may exist between consoles like Xbox 360 or PS4 and Xbox One, to cite one example.

Trials Fusion, motocross game and skill, last summer received a definitive edition with more content.