Umbrella Corps presents its launch trailer

Already available on PC and PS4.

Capcom has distributed the launch trailer Umbrella Corps, the multiplayer action title that arrives today on PlayStation 4 and PC via digital distribution.

Umbrella Corps will be set in the present, after Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries are hired by companies to get into the points of zombie danger to extract “something of value” and there appear rival teams. No system but unlockable levels of customization. Zombies will not be the biggest threat in the game, and will not attack you unless you shoot. They can be used as shields.

Umbrella Corps uses the Unity engine platform and its price is 29.99 € in digital distribution. The additional game package includes a collection of skins of several iconic characters in (Leon, Chris, Wesker and others) saga, weapons, patches and custom colors. This add-on will be available for digital download so invididual € 14.99. The deluxe edition includes both the game and the additional package promotional price of 39.99 €.

We leave you with your new trailer.