TGN – Adventure Time: Finn and Jake RESEARCHERS

What time is it? It’s time to solve a mystery!

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake researchers, is an action game in real time, full 3D adventure and a multitude of missions. The game begins when Finn and Jake decide to become professional researchers, as their parents. His first case, will be related to a series of mysterious disappearances and events in the Kingdom of Ooo where players will have to ask their citizens, fight evil devils in thrilling battles, solve intricate puzzles, explore secret places and feel as if they were starring in an episode of the series Adventure Time.

Play as Finn, with the help of Jake, the game includes a large number of their favorite characters from the TV series, including BMO, Abracadaniel, Princess lumpy, Ice King, Guntor, Count of Limonagrio, Magic Man, Tronquitos, Starchy and many more!

The World of Adventure Time includes stunning 3D and elements of cinematic television episodes.

Investigating five cases in the United Ooo, each with a separate story as in the series. Will these cases related? and if they are, what do they have in common?