EVO 2016 allowed players to play with DualShock 4

Until now this game control was banned from the event.

Joey Cuellar, co-founder of Evolution Championship Series (aka EVO), has announced that this year’s edition of this important event in fighting games the DualShock 4 as the command is accepted.

The official PlayStation 4 controller had been banned in previous years due to certain problems resulting Bluetooth, but finally and following the request of many members of the community (especially by players of Mortal Kombat X) will be accepted.

Of course, there will be a series of very strict rules about their use and any kind of minor non of them will result in instant disqualification.

Although normal in this type of event usually see professional players using Arcade Sticks, there are many great fighters who prefer to use a standard control console.

EVO 2016 will be held in Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, from 15 to 17 July.