Gravity Rush 2 director speaks of PS Vita, PlayStation VR and other details of the game


He studied for portable but it was too ambitious.

During transmission Dengeki PlayStation director Keiichiro Toyama Gravity Rush 2 has some new details on the development of the sequel.

Toyama said the game was also considered for PS Vita, which launched the original, but the project evolved as it expanded more than it could provide the notebook. The team consulted and decided to use Sony PlayStation 4. Toyama apologizes to those who wanted to Vita, but believes the final quality achieved justify the choice.

The director says he has developed with attention to the international market from the outset, but instead of copying what the studies in the West, wanted to focus on only what they could do in Japan.

PlayStation VR, there are no plans to adapt Gravity Rush 2 to this technology, although it seems that evidence seized and it was interesting. Toyama said it was a pity that the tests remain internally, but at the moment nothing is confirmed except that in the future could give another experience gravity control in virtual reality.

Gravity Rush 2 will be launched next year on PlayStation 4.