Guitar Hero Live adds a new competitive online mode

Activision also confirmed that new issues arrive for Christmas.

Activision is adding new features to Guitar Hero Live, based on queries from the community. The new update, available now, adds a new competitive mode for GH TV that face us one-on-one through the Internet in search of the highest score.

The grace of the new mode for Live Guitar Hero is that the issues will be random, chosen by the game itself, rewarding us with more than 100 experience points if we can beat our rival. Rival, which also will be our same level and status, avoiding imbalances in the games. In addition, to access the call Rival Challenges, we must have a level 10 or higher.

Activision has also confirmed it will launch new thematic and events focusing on the holidays for Guitar Hero Live video, but still have not provided details.

Live Guitar Hero is a big change compared to that seen in the original games. Besides having an entirely new guitar, now we see the first-person shooter to observe the reactions of the public and our group to our way of playing the instrument.