Naughty Dog delays the launch of Uncharted 4 to April 27


Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann explains the reasons for the decision.

Uncharted 4: The challenge of the thief finally arrives April 27, 2016, undergoing a one-month delay in its release, scheduled for March 18 the same year. Through a post on the official PlayStation blog, Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, game makers, explained the reasons for its decision.

New date: April 27, 2016

“Let’s start with the good news: Uncharted 4: The outcome of the thief is in the last moments of his production and it seems that Nathan Drake is taking shape that I had promised The bad news is that we need a little more time to complete the. the whole game, and finally comply with the vision we have of it we get to the point:. Uncharted 4: The outcome of the thief has a new release date in the PAL region and is the April 27, 2016 (in UK will be the April 29).

A larger than expected production

Game managers have continued referring to the size of production and hard to coordinate and develop a game like this:

“It is our largest to date and the team has been working hard to meet the challenge of completing the development of Uncharted timely manner. In any case, as we have been approaching delivery deadlines, and we started going finalizing the levels of the game, we realized that many key title sequences needed additional resources to bring them to fruition. After carefully considering all our options we had in our hand, we decided to extend our plans to make sure we were getting polish few details before submitting our gold master end-version of the title. ”

The delay: a difficult decision

Finally, Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann discussed the difficult decision for the delay, which ensures cost them take:

“It was not an easy decision to delay the release date, and we would not if we did not believe at heart that is best for the game. We hope that you, our loyal fans, ACCEPT our most sincere apologies. We know that many of you patiently expect the final chapter of the adventures of Nathan Drake and now I humbly ask you to wait a little longer. ”

Uncharted 4: The outcome of the thief arrive on April 27, 2016 (April 29 in the UK), the most ambitious chapter in the Uncharted series.