Now available the demo of Nioh

It is the new project of Team Ninja.

Users interested in the expected Nioh can finally prove their gameplay, as the title demo is now available in virtually all the world, including Europe.

This is a demo based on the code of the alpha version of the game, so it is still very green, but Koei Tecmo has decided to allow users to prove that this title is expected to hit PlayStation 4 this year.

For its online component, the demo can only play until 5 May and is already available in Europe, Australia, Singapore and Japan. In U.S.A. It seems to be not yet available but are expected to be throughout the day.

Users who successfully complete the contents of the demo will receive the ability to download additional content “The Mark of the Conqueror” when the game is available in its final version.

The demo can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store PlayStation 4.