Reaching new heights and conquer the sky with ACE COMBAT ™ 7!

The acclaimed Ace Combat franchise reaches PlayStation®4 to celebrate its 20th anniversary!

NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce that ACE COMBAT 7 is being developed by internal studies of NAMCO BANDAI Studios in Tokyo (Japan). ACE COMBAT 7 will be the premiere of the franchise PlayStation®4 and offer the most beautiful experience of air combat ever seen, thanks to its photorealistic graphics, intense fighting and its fascinating history.

ACE COMBAT 7 is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 and employs trueSKY ™ technology to wow players with beautiful skies and very detailed cities, at the same time provides ideal settings for the most intense air battles that were seen in the 20 year history of this successful franchise. This, together with an excellent soundtrack.ACE COMBAT 7 lead to a new level all elements which has become famous franchise! And after demonstrating his skill in combat in the campaign mode of ACE COMBAT 7 air aces they can demonstrate their skills in frantic online multiplayer battles.

In addition, players can immerse themselves PlayStation®4 more than ever on the realism of ACE COMBAT 7 thanks to features developed specifically for PlayStation®VR.

Hervé Hoerdt, vice president of marketing and digital NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment Europe, said: “It’s not easy to get a franchise of video games thrive for two decades. ACE COMBAT legacy lies in its tremendous quality and its deep narrative. With ACE COMBAT 7 we intend to return to dominate the skies and provide an unparalleled experience through PlayStation®4 technology and proven experience of our team! “.