Sony closes Evolution Studios

They are the developers of Driveclub

Sony has announced the closure of Evolution Studios, responsible for some of the games most successful conduction of the PlayStation platform, such as the recent Driveclub. The closure is sponsored by reasons of restructuring in European development division. The average GameSpot echoed a letter, in which the company explains its decision is made.

“From time to time, SCE Worldwide Studios ensures that the resources have in the division can participate in a market as competitive as the creation of commercial products of high quality environment. As part of this process have been evaluated and examined all projects and plans for short and medium term, deciding therefore to make some changes in European studies and structure. As a result, it has been decided to close Evolution studios. ”

“From SCE Worldwide Studios we make sure favor the studies that are able to create high-quality commercial products”

“Currently, we are trying to place some developers Evolution Studios on other projects,” clarified from the Japanese firm. In addition, they offered to provide the necessary support to workers who so require.

Evolution Studios: specialists in speed

Evolution Studios, based in UK, is a British development studio founded in 1999 of great importance in PlayStation platforms, with sagas like World Rally Championship and Motorstorm his credit. Specialized in speed, their latest release, Driveclub, was controversial after problems detected on servers that prevented users to enjoy the title normally.

After several updates and changes, Driveclub managed to find their way, with constant patches and versions that have been contenting to a growing community. In May last year, the study was reduced its workforce by half, something that Sony defended as a logical move ahead Driveclub turn into a service, not a game under constant development. Today announced its closure.