The power of mobile devices will surpass that of PS4 and Xbox One in 2017

The largest chipmaker believes.

ARM, one of the largest manufacturers and designers of chips for mobile devices in the world, believes that the power of smartphones and tablets will overtake the current consoles from Sony and Microsoft in 2017. It is something that echoes Venture Beat .

Through an event organized in Amsterdam by the company-within the framework of the Europe- Casual Connect, Nizar Romdan, director of the company, wanted to shed some more light on what is considered one of the most important technical and technological leaps in the field of mobile computing in recent times.

ARM, which supplies chips to companies as varied as Nvidia, Samsung or Apple, advocates that the new generation of tablets and smartphones will be able to compete in graphic issues regarding PlayStation 4 or Xbox One end of 2017. His remarks, they are in line with what was said by EA a few weeks ago.

“For the first time, mobile devices are at par with PCs and consoles in terms of experience” Nizar Romdan, ARM

An opportunity to attract the traditional player

This means that in just over a year, phones and tablets could run video games audiovisual quality similar or superior to those of the titles that are currently viewing console, which according to its own Nizar Romdan, could result in a massive influx of traditional players ecosystems iOS and Android. Moreover, the power increase in these new devices, help assimilation expected virtual reality.

“The hardware of mobile devices is currently very strong,” said Romdan in that conference in Amsterdam. “If you compare a smartphone or tablet high-end performance it is already higher than Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. And soon reach the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

The battery as the main challenge

But there are several factors that do not equate experiences in mobile and console, and one of them is the battery. ARM director clarifies.

“For the first time, mobile devices are at par with PCs and consoles in terms of experience. Obviously, there is not the same type of processors in tablets and smartphones. And the battery life is still a problem . But the user experience is identical, which can be translated as a major change for games on mobile phones. “