More women than men in the game design graduate of the USC

It is one of the most prestigious industry training options in the US

The presence of women in the games industry, which has been focus of much debate in recent years, continues to grow and this is a direct result of their training options: the newspaper Los Angeles Times has revealed that the graduate design Video Game University of Southern California-considered one of the most prominent and prestigious in the country as ranked Princeton Review– has for the first time more women than men in their classes.

The newspaper report said that this postgraduate degree has been showing rapid and progressive growth of registrations of women. In 2011 they admitted 15 men and 5 women and today it has admitted 12 women and 7 men.

During graduate (which is No. 1 in video game design, according to the Princeton Review rated) there has been a similar trend: a total of 27 registered in 2012 only 7 were women; in 2014 were 14 and in the course of 2015 are distributed essentially 50% of men and women.

Tracy Fullerton, designer and teacher in these degrees, said that “we live in uan culture in which you first impulse is to have a male lead and take on a masculine look on the screen. This must change. Young women also need characters that serve as … role models is important. The more relevant as a means video games, the more important it is to make this happen. ”

University of Southern California have come founders and key members of studies as Thatgamecompany (Journey), Giant Sparrow (The Unfinished Swan) and The Odd Gentlemen (The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom).