Nintendo patented a device with flexible and adaptable screen

Nintendo would have registered a patent linked to a kind of device, with form or wireless- handheld controller would use a flexible and adaptive touch screen.

This technology, which manufactures and distributes Sharp, allowed to adapt to any shape, which would open the door for designs that would leave the current proportions of screen angles and offer more comprehensive vision.

New ways of interaction with video games

In the attached drawings in the patent, Nintendo presents various solutions, in which the buttons literally appear embedded and surrounded by the screen, providing different forms of interaction according to the game or application that is running at the time. And there’s more: the touch screen allow for stereoscopic 3D-vision -an allusion to, and be compatible with different aspect ratio ranges -16: 9 and the like. Finally there is talk of a card reader.

It is unknown whether this new patented device has to do with NX, the next Nintendo console, and we have recently learned new details also through the patent office, or whether it is a possible successor to Nintendo 3DS portable.