TGN – Kinect sensors could lead to safer X-rays

Your Xbox’s Kinect sensor could keep X-ray scan radiation to a minimum.

You don’t want to stand in front of an X-ray machine for any longer than necessary, and scientists have found a clever way to make that happen: theKinect sensor you might have picked up with your Xbox. Their technique has the depth-sensing camera measuring both motion and the thickness of your body to make sure that doctors get a high-quality shot using as little radiation as possible. That’s particularly important for kids, who can be sensitive to strong X-ray blasts.

There’s plenty of work to be done before this Kinect-assisted scanning is practical. They didn’t even use Microsoft’s latest-generation hardware, for one thing. However, it won’t require dentists and hospitals to tear out their existing gear. Researchers believe they could retrofit existing gear with Kinect tech, so you could get safer X-rays without waiting years for a pricey upgrade.