Xbox One would stand at 18 million consoles according to the latest speculation


Microsoft stated that the console is sold faster than its predecessor.

Microsoft left to disclose sales figures of Xbox One last year, but that does not mean that estimates of sales of the console are made. If recently it was announced that Sony PlayStation 4 touched the 36 million units sold last rumored Xbox One estimate puts their numbers at 18 million consoles.

The number was released by the editor of ZDNet Mary J. Foley, but it is an official estimate shared by it in Windows Weekly that other means have failed contrast. Foley indicated that an insider had heard that Microsoft internal figures stood at 18 million, which leaves this information in the category of rumor and speculation.

It is speculated that these 18 million be active Xbox One consoles, that is, connected to Xbox Live during the last month in relation to the day that the measurement is made. If so, you actually have a larger volume of consoles sold because there will be a certain volume of users who are not connected to Xbox Live or with a time without using the console.

This approximate number can also be extrapolated, with a margin of error from speculation that launched Blake Jorgensen (CFO of Electronic Arts), who estimated that by the end of 2015 PS4 and Xbox One would have a cumulative total between the two systems 51 million consoles sold. This comment was made in November before the holiday season and before Sony announced its 35.9 million consoles PS4.

In any case, because Microsoft no longer provides the sales data of your console, this kind of speculation will continue to be given every time your competitors update sales data and financial reports are published.

In his review of 2015, Microsoft stated that Xbox One still selling more consoles and faster than its predecessor-compared to the same period of time and their commercial cycle, Xbox 360 also indicated that good harvest numbers like Xbox Live service, achieving a record number of users connected to Microsoft’s online network on December 28 figure, assuming a new milestone for the gaming system of internet. However, as pointed out earlier, no specific details were given.